Country Diary Video Is Excellent Resource for Artists and Art Teachers

Edith Holden was an incredible illustrator during the late 19th & early 20th centuries. I have used her books [nature journals] for the past couple of years to help teach the kids how to draw; how to create and maintain an art journal; and how to better appreciate nature. We have been spending much of the pretty months outside drawing. During these nasty months, we learn better technique; and we literally study Holden’s books–as well as draw from them.

I bought the rabbits for us to study, in the same manner as Holden; and one of the purposes of my garden is provide a lab–a place where we can all study nature firsthand.

I am absolutely thrilled that I just discovered an old series based on Holden’s life and works. There are 12 episodes — one for each month. You have to wade through some of the Corn and Heidi’s Grandpa stuff; but there is just enough gold in each episode to base a study. The good part of the episode [which was 11 minutes into the 24-minutes of episode 1] shows the nature [i.e. the rabbits for January] and other wildlife in nature. It has excerpts from her writing; and it shows the actress  seeming to draw from what might have been Edith’s findings.


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